Brush Washing machine

Brush Washing machine

Washing machine - brush type for washing of carrots potatoes cucumbers pepper, etc.
Brush type washing machine is designed for washing of very dirty vgetables such as: cucumbers, pepper, carrots, potaotes, etc.
Thanks to the inverter management the speed of rotation for each couple of brushes can be adjusted. Thus by specially designed brushes excellent quality of washing for every induvidual kind of vegetable can be achieved.

Model: CMM-8B/2cetkovamijacka1
Capacity: 2000 kg/h
Installed electrical power - 1,75 kW
Water consumption - 3 cub.m/h

Overall dimensions:

  • length – 3200 mm
  • width – 920 mm
  • height –1650 mm

Model: CMM-8B/4
Capacity: 4000 kg/h
Installed electrical power - 2,57 kW
Water consumption - 5 cub.m/h

Overall dimensions:cetkovamijacka

  • length – 3650 mm
  • width – 1150 mm
  • height –1700 mm