Technological Line for Roasting and peeling of Pepper and Eggplant

Technological Line for Roasting and peeling of Pepper and Eggplant

Capacity of the line 1000 kg/hour.

The technological line consists of the following essential machines:
De-corer for whole pepper - continuous type, Capacity 1000-1200 kg/h.

  • Combined Inspection band - Elevator.
  • Roasting machine - linear type for pepper and eggplant. Capacity: up to 1000 -1200 кg/hour , depending on kind of raw material - Eggplant: 1000 kg /h - Pepper : 1200 kg /h.
  • Drum - type peeling machine for pepper and eggplant. Capacity: 1200-1500 кg/hour
  • Inspection conveyor with water washing system.

All machines are completed with electric boards, Inverters and control devices.
All machines are fully built of stainless steel AISI 304 , AISI-316.

The De-corer is designed for removing of stems and seeds of pepper kind “Kapya”. De-seeding process remains invisible and the entire pepper retains its original consistence. The Roasting machine is universal type designed for roasting of eggplant and other vegetables. Inverter speed management giving capability for roasting of different kinds of vegetables. Peeling machine of pepper and eggplant Model : DPE P – 5 Continues type machine with universal apply in practice. The machine is designed for disconnecting and separation of skin from roasted eggplant and roasted pepper. The machine is drum type with special wire-net and accessories .

The belts of the Elevators/Inspection belts are made of synthetic durable sheet-FDA.


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